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The next ten years will be directly impacted by the 2020 Census. The Census will determine how nearly 7 billion dollars a year will be allocated, from federal children’s service programs to community programs, and even determines our congressional districts and number of representatives, which will directly impact our power and access to fair representation.

The Lorain County Urban League is working with local cities, the Census Bureau, and other local non-profits to encourage a successful 2020 Census response rate, especially for the African-American community and other communities of color.

We will no longer allow our communities to be uncounted and under-represented.

It is time to #MakeBlackCount!

A Message from Our President and CEO


The Census is part of the foundation of our democracy, it is a snapshot of America that determines the number of congressional and Electoral College seats each state gets, and how more than $675 billion in state and federal dollars are allocated to communities each year. The U.S. Constitution mandates the Census count every person in the United States every ten years.

Black and Brown children are constantly undercounted by the Census at more than twice the rate of white children, this kind of outcome denies our neighborhoods and communities their fair share of resources to meet the needs of our children.

Getting counted in "the right place" is important because it determines where billions of dollars in federal funds for housing, education, transportation, and healthcare are allocated, and because the Black community is consistently undercounted – funds are lost each year. The other piece to being counted, and counted in the right place, is political power.

When communities of color are undercounted in the Census, the voting power in their legislative district weakens. Communities with larger populations have more power, and depending on the racial and economic makeup of that community – issues impacting Black and Brown Americans may be overlooked by elected officials, including state representatives, members of Congress, and federal judges.

When and How Can You Fill it Out

There are multiple ways to fill out the Census this year! You don’t have to wait till someone knocks on your door. Between March 12-20, you will receive a letter in the mail that will include detailed information and a Census ID for completing the Census online.

This year you will have the ability to fill out the Census online, by phone, or by a paper questionnaire which will be mailed out in late April and into May.


For information regarding the different ways, you can fill out the census follow this link to the Census website: https://2020census.gov/en/ways-to-respond.html You can also get more information on this site.

The National Urban League also has great information for you! You can access a sample questionnaire, see what your invitation letter will look like, and learn more about why this is such an important year for our communities! Follow the link here: https://nul.org/make-black-count