Education and Youth Development

Project Ready: Getting High School student ready for College, Careers, and Life

Coaching & Mentoring

LCUL connects students to adult mentors who serve as role models, support systems, and life coaches. Interested in volunteering as a mentor

Exploration and Exposure

LCUL exposes students to career opportunities in a wide range of fields through company tours, presentations, career specific mentors, and internships.

Readiness and Preparation

LCUL works with students to prepare them for college including supporting students in their selection, enrollment and success in college.

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Project Ready 365 Leadership Academy

Year round mentoring, coaching, and student development activities for high school students.

Road 2 Success College Tour

College and Career Tours for high school sophomores and juniors exposing them to empowerment opportunities. Please click here to download the application for the college tour.

Mercy Health Rising Stars Medical Internship

Summer Medical Internship Program For high school sophomores and juniors interested in the medical field.

Economic Empowerment

Project Wealth: Jobs, Family Financial Empowerment, Housing, Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Our Approach

We have an empowerment model in our approach to working with clients. Our team provides one on one counseling, group trainings and workshops, and on going coaching support for those who aspire to:

  • Save Money and Build Credit
  • Purchase a Home or Prevent their home from foreclosure
  • Start or Grow their Business
Employment and Job Training

Meet today with our employment and career specialist who will work with you to prepare and connect you to the right job for you.

We have Employment Specialists who work out of the LCUL office and we prefer that you make an appointment so we can devote adequate time to your needs.

However, walk-ins are also welcome Tuesday–Thursday, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with Jobs and Talent Department call 440-323-3364 ext. 33.

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Housing and Family Finances

We provide HUD Certified FREE private consultation between to help clients acquire and maintain affordable housing.

Our counseling services are designed to meet the needs of each family, and can address any of these issues:

  • Money and credit management
  • How to prepare and buy a home
  • Delinquent mortgage payment and foreclosure prevention
  • Home Maintenance
  • Tenant and landlord rights
  • Fair Housing rights
  • Homelessness
For more information or to schedule an appointment with Housing & Family Finance Department call 440-323-3364 ext. 22.

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Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

Have a Dream to start a Business? Looking to grow your business?

We host the Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) at Lorain County Urban League which serves the needs of Ohio’s small, minority and disadvantaged businesses.

The centers provide important services including:
technical assistance, professional consulting, access to capital, and assistance obtaining contract opportunities.

A primary objective of the program is to identify emerging businesses and cultivate their growth and sustainability. The realization of this objective will strengthen the minority business community, support job creation and further economic growth in Ohio.

For more information, contact the Business Department at 440-323-3364 ext 28.

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Engagement and Community Building

Project Engage: Advocacy, Public Engagement, Community Building

Our approach

We are engaging and building our community through:

  • Coalition building and convening
  • Providing public education around relevant issues
  • Advocating for the disadvantaged
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Coalition and Community Building
  • Police Community Relation Building
  • Healthy living and Eliminating Health Disparities
  • Cultural Competence and Diversity and Inclusion
  • My Brothers Keeper in Lorain County
  • Education Equity and Excellence in Lorain County
  • Accessible public resources in Lorain County
  • Voter Empowerment